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Dr. Friedman is an Platinum Invisalign provider, having completed the most advanced continuing education courses in Invisalign including a year-long Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program Course taught by leading providers across the country. He will also be educating other doctors in the metro-Detroit area through an Invisalign curriculum at his alma mater, teaching this advanced technique to residents at the University of Detroit Mercy.

As an Platinum Invisalign Provider, Dr. Friedman is trained in providing this clean and simplified technology to children, not just adults, to promote a gentler and more hygienic orthodontic process. Invisalign is the future of orthodontics, erasing painful memories of mouth soreness or white stains often associated with braces and offering a more efficient treatment plan with a reduced number of office visits.

A series of trays will be custom made to be changed weekly with office visits to monitor you or your child’s progress every 8-10 weeks. Please call to schedule a consultation to learn how our team can change you or your child’s smile with the newest generation of orthodontics.